Home is where you…

It is frequently argued that Britain is a small and overcrowded island, and that some of the more–ahem–interesting behaviors characteristic of the English are the direct result of this simple fact.  I discovered last night that there was another strange side effect of this population density.  While standing at my kitchen window, doing dishes in my funny sink with separate hot and cold taps (don’t even get me started on the uselessness of this particular arrangement) I witnessed … how shall I put this delicately … an “amorous exchange” being conducted in the building across the street from me.  I realized that although I had lived in an urban environment for much of the last decade, the very English combination of narrow one-horse streets and high density housing gives me an unobstructed view into several windows in the environs surrounding my own abode.   Seriously, people, draw your curtains.


5 responses to “Home is where you…

  1. amorous exchange……………………………good.

  2. Reminds me of tales told over beer by a British colleague who, on an extended stay in Northern California, lived next door to a free-spirited woman. Said woman apparently one morning enjoyed an amorous exchange with herself at her apartment — in full view of passers-by. Fodder for many a TGIF session! Considering that there is little difference, for the purposes of this discussion, between amorous exchanges involving one or two people, I conclude that the offending couple in your story behaved rudely, but not in a specifically English fashion. The real question here is whether you indulged an English or an American pleasure (or displeasure, as the case may be) in watching!

  3. And just what is wrong with separate hot and cold water-taps? That was the norm for most of the time during which indoor plumbing has been available. You know MY house- I wouldn’t have a single-lever faucet if it were served up on a silver platter with watercress ’round it! I’m STILL looking for a way to disguise the microwave and a few other unpleasantly modern-looking devices.
    I suppose, to be consistant, I should probably be writing this with a quill-pen and an ink-well, but then you’d have to wait weeks for the stage-coach and the sailing-ship to get it to you.

  4. notfromaroundhere

    If I’m in my kitchen and the blinds are open, but they are frolicking in their bedroom with th blinds open, can I really be criticized for not feeling as though THEY were the ones that should have pulled their shades if I was not meant to watch???

    The separate taps issue is really a serious one; I like to be able to wash my hands without putting in the plug and drawing up a tub full of water. I like to be able to wash my dishes with a clean rinse that is neither freezing or burning. I just do NOT find this a very practical arrangement.

    I am indeed pleased to see comments in this “new medium” and expect that all friends and family under the age of the nonagenarian matriarch of our family is expected to dispense with the quill pens and snail mail.

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