All kinds of weather, we stick together, the same in the rain or sun

A brief summary of a happy week with my sister who was visiting from the states:

  • We sampled many cuisines including: English pub food, Italian, Thai, Korean, Indian, other (French-ish but somewhat indescribable!), washed down with adult beverages including London Pride and port
  • We went “strolling through the park (Hyde) one day, in the Merry Merry month of May”
  • We watched zero of the movies we had planned to watch; apparently they would have interfered with our nonstop chatter
  • We watched many minutes of YouTube clips, primarily concerned with Mandopop
  • On that subject, I became a huge fan of Wang Leehom (this is no lightweight pop star, the boy went to Berklee! And yes that’s spelled right, the jazz school not the University of CA.)
  • We relived our youth with coordinating new Little Miss t-shirts acquired shopping at the always amusing and seldom practical Topshop

We did have mostly very nice weather, lots of sunshine, and the only rain all week was falling when we were on the way to the airport this morning (the route for which was itself an adventure; note to other expats or prospective expats: never try to go anywhere in England by rail on Christmas or a bank holiday!)


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