Do families breed expats?

I’m sure it will take many days (and many nights of sleep) to recover from the week spent (mostly) goofing around with my visiting sister. I have a ton of work to do and the sleepiness is preventing me from having a great deal of enthusiasm for diving in! I’m sure to have a rough couple of days. In the meantime, I am left pondering the question in the header. I don’t know that I explained all of my reasons for being so thrilled at the visit from my sister; not only was it a bit of manna from heaven to have a friendly face here, but she has great empathy to my current difficulties in adjusting to life here in the UK. She lived as an expat in parts of eastern Asia for several years, and really from that perspective my own adjustments here should be easy in comparison. I don’t have any language barrier, and no one could tell from my appearance that I am “not from around here”. (Well, they might guess it since I tend not to display much cleavage, but that’s pretty subtle compared with other aspects of appearance.) It does make one wonder a bit, were our parents putting something in the water that bred wanderlust?


One response to “Do families breed expats?

  1. That is a really interesting question… we do both have a bit of a wanderlust that is not quite duplicated elsewhere in the family. We’ll have to quiz the ‘rents on what it is that they did.

    I’m going to need some time to recover myself… I just slept 12 hours, but I could do with a nap.

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