His name is Prince…

…and he is coming to London this summer!!!

Now if I can just overcome my problems with having an American credit card with a UK address and sort out a way to order tickets, I can go see one of my hometown heros. That’s right, Prince is a midwesterner, as is obvious to anyone who has seen Purple Rain:

You have to purify yourself in the waters of Lake Minnetonka.”

Best Prince song ever? My vote is for “Adore” which I never would have known were it not for my Prince-fanatic high school prom date. Sign ‘O’ the Times was not IMHO his best work but it had some good songs on it including “Adore” which may well be my very favorite sappy romantic song ever ❤

One response to “His name is Prince…

  1. notfromaroundhere

    You know, I’m starting to rethink my plans to prioritize seeing one of Prince’s shows. For one, he doesn’t always play the fun songs any more. I know he’s found religion but “Gett Off” has such a funky beat… he also seems to be going a bit strange on me…


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