Off to meet the merry men

Today takes me on a new British adventure, venturing further north than I have been on this island. I’m off on a day trip to Nottingham which has inevitably inspired numerous jokes about being robbed by Robin Hood. My thoughts turned inevitably to the Kevin Costner movie from 1991, which inspired the most overplayed shmaltzy love song to hit the airwaves until the movie Titanic debuted. I simply cannot hear the song with a straight face as the movie score was perfect fodder for high school bands and orchestras and I fear my own musical group not immune to the charms of this song. Absolutely cringe-worthy aural memories.

I will try not to get kidnapped by the Merry Men although it could be a very long day and my guard might be down. By the time I return, I should be hearing that my parents are at the airport readying themselves for the overnight flight into London for a long weekend visit.

Note that the BBC claims that “sorry” is the most overused word in British English right now, and not either “cheers” or “love“. I’m sure they’re just missing the overuse of the two latter words because they are so accustomed to hearing them. I would not say that I hear “sorry” that much at all.

A friend noted yesterday that I had somehow missed the opportunity to combine my two pet-peeves into a single utterly annoying phrase, “cheers, love” consistent with the grammar and useage of both words.  Sorry!


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