Parents, crackers and movies

I have just sent my parents back towards London and the airports after their long weekend visit in the UK; they will return to the US tomorrow. We have toured massive medieval churches and generally tried to stay warm and dry indoors; this weekend’s bank holiday weather was strangely more like November than nearly June. The only clue to the imminent summer solstice was daylight at 4 am.  I was extremely fortunate that they brought me a box of my favorite guilty-pleasure crackers as well as a portable DVD player that will play my small collection of region 1 movies, many of which are 1940s classics involving one or more of Cary Grant, Katharine Hepburn and Bing Crosby.

I am probably even more grateful for the DVD player than for the crackers. My laptop computer had been changed back and forth as many times as was allowed, and I had been buying new movies here so my shelf contains a terrible and terribly eclectic mix of discs from regions 1 and 2. I truly believe the whole system is remarkably silly. I know the movie companies have a real piracy problem in China, but do we really need to discriminate between the US and UK, two English-speaking members of the G8?

While I’m ranting on movies, why do movies come out on different dates in the US and UK? I saw “Becoming Jane” a few months ago but it won’t be released in the US until later this summer. I read a review of “The upside of anger” in a magazine a few weeks ago–released in the US in 2005, it was just debuting in the UK in 2007. Apparently there’s globalization and then there’s Hollywood…


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