I tried to ease my carbon burden…

I have to go to France for just a quick trip, over one night, and I tried very hard to not fly.  I had no intention of flying, I don’t like to fly, and I have this romantic attachment to trains that has not yet eased in 9 months of English life.  (Blame Cary Grant and North by Northwest…)  Roundtrip airfare from here to Brittany on either Ryanair or BA: <£80 (<$160).  Train fare for Eurostar London-Paris and TGV Paris-Brittany: total of $760.  No comparison, that’s a factor of five, folks.  I would have been so happy to take the train, I would have been willing to sacrifice the extra time in transit, but that is simply not an economical option.  I really want someone to explain the economics of the rail-vs-air price wars because I simply can’t see it.


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