Two issues of women in the world

The UK has been abuzz in recent months with the 200th anniversary of the act of Parliament to ban the slave trade in the British Empire. This was recently highlighted in a film profile of William Wilberforce called “Amazing Grace” which I have not seen yet but will try to catch soon.  This anniversary has been presented in stark constrast with the continuing problems with human trafficking, an issue which disproportionately affects women (around 80% of trafficking victims). I do not recall significant discussions about human trafficking in the US–it’s something was not on my radar until I came here but the statistics are really disheartening. See the international website for more information and ways to get involved on either side of the ocean.

Slightly lighter of subject but nonetheless important is The White House Project, a non-profit aimed at increasing representation by the majority sex within US politics.  There is a comprehensive set of links on the Research and Resources page of the website.


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