Lileks non-news

Buried deep in imagery of the strangely compelling “I has a bucket” website, Lileks notes today on his blog that he has a bucket but we are not allowed to know anything about the bucket yet. Um okay, that’s the strangest piece of non-news I’ve seen in quite a while. Like posting “I have a secret” on your blog: you tell everyone you have a secret but you can’t tell them what it is. I don’t see the point. But I did love the mental images I got from his post about the ladies in the phone room. And it’s always good to remember the “From the Land of Sky Blue Waters” jingle–I was too young to know what beer was but I remember that tune. Ah homesickness strikes again.

Update: The new Bleat is less vague about Lileks’s bucket/new job and links directly to, run by the Star Tribune.   I suspect I’ll stick with the Bleat as I have no real interest in anything the Strib has to say about “local communities”.


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