These boots

It’s spring in the UK and I’ve abandoned my winter (exclusively black) wardrobe.  As I was getting dressed this morning in a brown t-shirt, khaki pants and an off-white sweater, I realized I had a problem in the footwear department.  What I need more than anything in the world is a pair of good old American cowboy boots, brown leather of course.   I  lived for a time in rural Virginia, and would frequently drive past a charming small town shop called “Boot’Vil” on my way to civilization (a.k.a. the Washington D.C. area).  I now have a deep and serious regret that I did not ever stop  at the shop advertising “wall-to-wall boots, hats and western attire”.  I don’t want any high street imitations or designer versions that just look like cowboy boots, I want the real thing.  I want a pair that will last for ten years until the leather learns the shape of my feet and they become more comfortable than my bedroom slippers.  Yet another thing to add to my “to do” list for my time at home in August–drive out to the rural countryside and find an appropriate boot shop.  I’ll have to figure out some alternative footwear for my brown-family clothes until then.


One response to “These boots

  1. You won’t have to travel nearly as far as you might think. Head west from your parents house to Rogers. There is a western wear/saddle shop on the service road. You’ll see it as you approach the exit. I don’t remember the name off the top of my head, but it really is hard to miss.

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