I said no!

I’ve been suffering from the “new in the job” phenomenon in which you end up doing lots of administrata and getting put on lots of committees, especially if you are in an emerging area as I am.  Everyone seems to want a representative from the new topic and although I really do appreciate the inclusion, I am only one person.  I was approached this afternoon about yet another committee appointment, and in an homage to A Thousand Times No (as well as a nod to my own hopeful future sanity) I managed to say NO.  My co-worker was at first quite startled and taken aback, but turned around and congratulated me for saying NO.  Not one to just say NO and leave people in a lurch, I volunteered my even-newer co-worker for the task 🙂


One response to “I said no!

  1. Peter Waddell

    You wicked, wicked girl!

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