Tabloids and news in the US

It is not unusual in the US to hear about “Britain’s tabloid press” and the havoc they have caused. In the US it’s slightly different than in the UK. For example, right now, the Paris Hilton saga is making headlines in the normal news in addition to being fully covered in the tabloids. (I’d link to stories in major American newspapers but their recent obsession with user registration makes it difficult. Sigh.) So in this mood of Paris overload and a desire for either real news or non-Paris related completely fake news, I stumbled on what may be the most brilliant and biting satire on American culture that I have seen in years, again courtesy of the Onion. I’ve got no more to say, read it and weep for our country.

Update: notes that Paris Hilton coverage made the world news on 2/3 major US news networks (CBS and ABC but not on NBC). I continue to be so sad that this is considered news at all.


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