Flying insects

An open question to the English: why are there no screens on the windows of my flat?  I am becoming quite tired of flies buzzing around the center of my living room.  I am really not a fan of the poison spray that is the only way to remove the flies from my living room.  It’s June, the temperature is mostly quite lovely right now, and I do like having my windows open to allow the fresh breeze in.  But I really could do with fewer flying insects invading my personal space.  I would really hate to have to install a Minnesota-style bug zapper indoors.

7 responses to “Flying insects

  1. Zappers. I’ve seen them elsewhere in this town. Screens would be more carbon-neutral, I’m sure — but probably prohibited by building codes. Working with UV light as it appears to, the bug zapper might do wonders for your tan!

  2. Let’s see. A little of that veil netting, some strapping tape, maybe even a spring rod, and the jury-rigged, as-needed presto screen is in place!

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  7. Hello!

    Came upon your blog, as I was steadfastly lamenting about the lack of FLY SCREENS here in the UK. And why in the heck would people here let them buzz around that way?
    Thank you thank you!!! For at least telling us, such a thing was to be had!
    For goodness sake, where on earth did you find them, oh please tell!
    Or at least, what type of store was it:
    Discount, department, posh, dollar store?

    The first spring I was here, I spotted one in a discount store in Houslow, which is now going out of business (or has gone). I thought “oh, a fly screen” too bad I don’t need one right now (slapping forehead!!). I thought since I’d seen one, they must be a dime a dozen! I mean the thing was like 2.99!!
    And now I can’t find one to save my life!
    It would not only keep out flys, but would be a stronger barrier for our cat, who enjoys a pick at the screen now and again..(sigh).

    Having just stumbled onto your blog for the first time, now I will enjoy reading a bit too!

    Thanks again for any info given, as I know lives are busy and complicated these days.
    Thanks for such a handy dandy (think Ron Popeil) type of tidbit!

    All the best,
    Richmond, UK

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