State Fair on a Stick

It’s official, I’m leaving England to fend for itself for a week and going home in August for the Minnesota State Fair. For those who do not know, one of the inexplicable traditions of the fair has everyone trying to out-do each other for strangest foot that comes “on a stick” for your portable eating pleasure. (It’s amazingly difficult to explain why this one-upmanship tradition exists to someone not from Minnesota!) For your reading pleasure, new foods to debut on a stick this year (courtesy this article):

  • sloppy joes on a stick
  • corned beef and cabbage on a stick
  • scones with chocolate chips, caramel and marshmallows on a stick
  • butterscotch cake on a stick
  • s’mores on a stick
  • fruit covered in batter, deep-fried and coated with powdered sugar–on a stick

Hungry yet? Really, they can keep their sticks, I WANT CHEESE CURDS. But hey, there’s even something for the English in that list. “Scone on a stick” may be the best fusion England-Minnesota phrase imaginable!


3 responses to “State Fair on a Stick

  1. My favorite Chinese-Minnesotan fusion food is the eggroll-on-a-stick, found near the grandstand.

    I’ve started mulling over what flavor milk shake I’ll need from the Empire-Commons-butter-sculpture-display area.

  2. Don’t forget walleye on a stick, with a chaser of mini-donuts.

    (Hey, I thought I was everybody’s favorite Chinese-Minnesotan fusion food.)

  3. Can anyone send me a picture of sloppy joes on a stick ? and how its made….

    Thanks Zane

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