Expat cost of living stats

Today’s BBC contains an article on the cost of living for expats in various cities across the world.   I am happy to see that the numbers support what I have been saying all along: London and New York show similarities in the dollar/pound costs for most items.  Living in London may be expensive on a global scale, but it is comparable to living in New York or any other major metropolitan city in the US (as I have claimed previously, twice).  The only real differences on the chart are the cost of a CD, which is not relevant to an expat with access to the US iTunes store, and the item “burger meal,” which is not relevant to someone who does not eat meat.   I do agree that on average, a meal eaten out at a restaurant is slightly more expensive in the UK than in the US (again, that’s on average, and the adult beverages are not more expensive and can be slightly cheaper even).  But really, it’s the only thing I notice as different at all.  It’s nice to see the hard numbers to support my claim.


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