The expat returns to the US

I’m here in the US… I’m quite happy to have arrived in  relatively good spirits and to have slept well last night.  So I’m not properly “home” — I’m one time zone away and flew over Minnesota at 37,000 feet, but I’m back in America nonetheless.  Of course, this means that I spend all of my time talking about how much I love my life England.  The irony is not lost on me.  It’s funny how the concept of “home” changes depending on where you are; when I’m in the UK, America is clearly home but now that I’m here in the US, England is home.  Does that make me homeless or leading a particularly rich life with an excess of homes?

My time here will be busy with work but my friend and host assures me that there will be time to go to Target today.  Of course there will be — since I’m back in America where they do not roll the sidewalks up at 5:30 pm!  I had Mexican food for dinner last night (Chipotle-yum!)  — we’ll just have to see what other things make my “must-do” list while I’m here. I’m sure there will be tales to tell.


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