Sandwich update

Day two of the conference did bring some sandwiches, but they were American  sandwiches, not English sandwiches.  That makes all the difference.  See, the American sandwich lunch had a platter of rolls already sliced in half, bowls of mayo and mustard, trays of meats, cheeses, and additional toppings (lettuce, tomato) so you could build your own.  I therefore could quite happily make a fully-edible and fresh 3-cheese sandwich with lettuce and a dab of mayo.  English sandwiches, on the other hand, are pre-made, on thin-sliced bread instead of rolls, and are cut into little triangles.  My American friends here who lived in London quite  insightfully called them “7-11 Sandwiches” since a convenience store or gas station is the only place in the US you would see such things.  We have been telling  other Americans about the English 7-11 sandwiches all week and they can hardly believe it, especially when we note the rows of sandwiches with not-cheap ingredients at up-market stores but still in the 7-11 style.  So there we have it, I officially only dislike English sandwiches.  I’m starting to feel slightly sorry that I will have to return to the UK and their sandwich stores tomorrow.

2 responses to “Sandwich update

  1. Ah, the dreaded English “buttie” — don’t forget the pervasive use of butter as sandwich mortar.

  2. In defense of English sandwiches, the US 7-11 variety is but a pale imitation of the best ones on offer here, and the chip buttie is easily avoided by those who, like myself, dislike the prospect of two kinds of carbohydrate congealed by fat. Moreover, I generally find the food situation to be a huge improvement over conditions prevailing in the ’80s, when I was last here. Entire sandwich shop chains have sprung up, some of which are devoted to producing a genuinely acceptable sandwich with fresh, wholesome ingredients at acceptable cost. They aren’t even all that soggy (not that sogginess doesn’t have its place). And don’t get me started on excessively-dimensioned American sandwiches, making a mockery of one’s attempts at modest living and being packed so abundantly with excess meat that they’re hard to bite into.

    It’s also interesting to note that the author of this blog, though “not from around here,” espouses, in sandwich-making, the DIY ideal that is so pervasive in the UK when it comes to redecorating. Perhaps she belongs here, after all!

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