Singapore adventures continue

Continuing tales of three continents… the American expat living in Britain is visiting Asia.

Today instead of doing something cultured, I did something terribly American and started my one free day in Singapore at a large shopping mall for one really good reason:


I was absolutely desperate. I needed good coffee; it has been days (I guess since living England on Wednesday, and now it’s Sunday!) I loved my coffee experience. I felt much better after the coffee and accompanying American-style non-fried food in the form of a toasted bagel with cream cheese. I was so very happy after this combination!

Fully fortified, I took on my fear of heights for the second time in just over a week and rode on a cable car:


I am not sure how it happened so beautifully and coincidentally that I was able to ride cable cars two weeks in a row on two continents. Last week it was a ski gondola to the top of a Colorado mountain; this week it’s this amazing cable car from the harbor front to Mt. Faber in Singapore. Even more impressively, today I did this little trip completely alone whereas last week I had friendly support on the Colorado trip. Admittedly the Colorado cable car ride was longer and the final destination higher, but the thing was closer to the ground and much, much less scary than the one here in Singapore. This one starts from the 15th floor of an office tower and stays up about that high on its entire trip. I did not take it out to the island of Sentosa since I was there last night, but the story is that a ship’s mast snapped the cable and cars plunged into the water at some point in the past. So I’m feeling SO good about having conquered my fears and having ridden on the thing! It interests me that apparently living in another country is making me more fearless in general. London Eye, I am so ready for you!


3 responses to “Singapore adventures continue

  1. Did you try one of those glass-bottomed Sentosa cable cars? 🙂 Whoa!

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