Another airport evening

I hit my limit and moved my flight from Singapore to London up by 24 hours.  I simply wanna go home!   I did three very full and very long days of work in Singapore, had one day free on Sunday during which I did my tiny tourist thing (cable car) but actually was only awake about 10 hours since the work was so intense and all this travel has been brutal.  So here I am again on the airport wi-fi (what a pattern this has been lately!) waiting for boarding.  I’ve already bought a few souvenirs (I know, at the airport shops, how sad!) and I’m typing so as to not fall asleep and miss this flight.

There were things I loved about Singapore.  The multi-story car-park in which there was a sensor above each spot so the digital signs could direct you how many spots were open down every single row.  At the place where I stayed, there were no keys at all but a little remote control transponder that you had to use to select your allowed floors in the lift, and open both the hallway doors and individual room doors.  Clearly a theme emerges, the techno-geek in me loved high-tech Singapore.

There were things I hated about Singapore.  The weather was horrid.  I’m going to have to fumigate everything in my suitcase when I get home.  In some ways it was so westernized so as to be depressing; it was hard to find any indication that I was actually in Asia.  Only the dominance of black hair, the food, and an occasional sign with quite questionable English grammar reminded me that I was not still in Britain.

I think I would come back but not just to come to Singapore; perhaps I’ll have another Asian trip in the not-too-distant-future in which I could bring my sister and we could do several Asian stops, taking advantage of her ability to speak Chinese and get around off the beaten path.  Or maybe I’d do a few days in Singapore en route to Australia or New Zealand, major stops on my dream world tour.   But for now, I am about to get onto yet another intercontinental flight–4th in two weeks–and get my butt home for about 40 hours before the next flight.  This world tour cannot end soon enough!

One response to “Another airport evening

  1. That’s really interesting; in my visits to Singapore, I always found it very modern… but really not all that western. For example, walking down Orchard Road, the “Oxford Street” of Singapore, you see the M&S and all the malls, the department stores, etc., but there’s also the hawker stalls, the guy playing a little street-side erhu, and inside the stores, the Chinese model of customer service. Walk around downtown, and you see skyscrapers… and then suddenly, a giant statue of Laozi and a Chinese dumpling festival. The kopi (coffee) comes with sweetened condensed milk. Random stalls sell everything that can be bought roadside, from sari fabric and samosas to slippers and stir-fry. It always felt like an Asian city to me.

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