Best semi-obscure girl music

All the travel has gotten to me and I’m feeling quite unlike myself.  To cheer myself up, I am doing the musical equivalent of eating comfort food: listening to “comfort music” which for me is semi-obscure female singer-songwriters from several years ago.  Top three current favorite albums in this genre are:

  1. Amanda Marshall, Tuesday’s Child (1999)
  2. Jonatha Brooke, Live (1999)
  3. Missy Higgins, The Sound of White (2004)

It’s a not-intentionally international list, Marshall is Canadian, Higgins is an Aussie, and only Brooke is American.  Alternating these with the somewhat less obscure duo of Jeff Buckley and Ryan Adams should keep me entertained today.  Although perhaps not in the lightest of moods…

2 responses to “Best semi-obscure girl music

  1. Jonatha Brooke’s “Live” is one of my top ten favorite CDs of all time. It really is very, very good. “Is This All” is perfection.

  2. JB is one of my absolute favorites. That CD is probably my favorite one of hers, but I dig all of them.

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