The triumphant homecoming foiled again?

I start to wonder if I am cursed in my attempts at a triumphant homecoming–a.k.a. the expat’s return to the region of her birth. Last time I was supposed to go to Minnesota, for the 90th birthday of the family matriarch, I was struck so sick that I could not travel. I had great difficulties rescheduling, due in part to my job commitments combined with my recent world tour (which was in some way all job-related), and now it has come to pass that this latest trip’s timing is at least somewhat farcical. It’s almost funny, really. Almost. The week I was finally, finally able to schedule a trip back to the homeland, to the state of my birth, is apparently also the week that my sister’s favorite Taiwanese pop band is performing in Canada. For this reason, it appears that my mother is going to join her in Canada, making 2/3 of my immediate family absent from the US for 1/2 of my trip there. However, as silly as this may be, there are reasons to still go on the trip:

  • I really want to go to the State Fair
  • I really want to see my friends, and also some of their kids who are growing up fast while I’m off galivanting around the globe
  • I really, really want to see my precious grandmother
  • I want to be in familiar places: walk along the Mississippi river, go to the Dakota Jazz Cafe, eat something besides steak in Murrays
  • I want to buy Cheez-its at Target

The question now is balance: do these reasons to go stack up sufficiently to overcome my apprehension about yet another trans-continental flight? I guess we will have to wait a few weeks, closer to trip-time, and hope I start to feel better about traveling. I suspect a visit with my grandmother will be the one factor that gets me on the plane.


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