Travels and people

I have been called out by another blogger on my lack of commentary on interactions with the locals in my recent set of travels:

Very interesting… without even thinking about it, my natural and unavoidable tendency towards introversion comes through in my writing.  (Yes, she says, anticipating the response, there’s no question that a person can be introverted and yet still like to write about one’s life in a public blog…)

Being tired of being around people was a significant burden to me as my recent set of trips continued.  I admit that by the time I was in Italy, I was remarkably “stroppy” and increasingly ducking off alone with my camera in avoidance of social contact with even my good friends.

The irony of this series of events is quite strong given my recent and quite vocal complaints about traveling alone.  I have, including after recent solo trips to Dublin and Singapore, complained loudly about how depressing it is to travel alone, how much I would have liked companionship during my sight-seeing and how much more sight-seeing I would have done had I not been alone.  And yet, when faced with a crowd of friendly people in Italy, I was found literally ducking down empty streets to avoid too much “people time”.  Clearly I am proving to be an enigma, never quite happy during my travels regardless of the circumstances.   I’ve said it before and will say it again, when it comes to my globe-trotting, I hate traveling but I love having traveled.


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