Prince’s little gift to the UK

Today I was extremely lucky to be an American living in the UK.  I have previously confessed my obsession with another Minnesotan… I just picked up my copy of the Mail on Sunday, in which a free new Prince CD was included for the price of the paper (£1.40 = less than $3) about 10 days before its normal release elsewhere in the world.  I’m listening to it now… I’m sure I’ll have something to say after I hear the whole thing, but I love the first song!  It’s been interesting how the recording industry has attacked his Purpleness for this interesting move… from the perspective of the newspaper it was pure genius: the Mail was being stocked in HMV record stores today for the first time.   For an artist who has been around for more than 20 years, it has been a remarkable media blitz and publicity stunt of the revolutionary sort.  I say good for him… now I must go listen to more of the CD!


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