How many expats to change a lightbulb?

Fortunately, in my case, I managed to finally change a lightbulb alone, thus making the official answer, “it only takes one expat to change a lightbulb.” However, I will note that (a) removing the old lightbulb required some time, as it was not the “screw-in” type common in the US; (b) I stood in front of the lightbulb display in the store for a full ten minutes trying to identify which bulb to buy, and (c) having finally brought the new lightbulb home, I could no longer remember which position corresponded to “on” or “off” for the light-switch and had to leave the room to test another light-switch. BUT in the end, success, and so on this rainy day, the expat said “let there be light! And there was light, and it was good” 😉


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