A slightly better US-UK film

I just watched (and not for the first time–what a terrible confession!) a movie, “The Wedding Date” that has a mixed US and UK cast and plot.  Compared with my thoughts about “The Holiday” my overall response to this film is better… as evidenced by the fact that I had seen it before!   The whole film takes place in about 4 days, so the “love story” of the main characters (played by Debra Messing and Dermot Mulroney) is a bit weak and subject to my usual rants about Hollywood insta-love, but the side story with the sister and her fiance redeems the movie for me.  They actually come through a messy revelation and triumph through adversity, realizing that their imperfect relationship is “worth fighting for”.  (There’s an in-joke here but I refuse to give more away, see the film if you haven’t!)  The characters on the UK side also include a few of my favorites, including Jack Davenport (from the UK’s “Coupling” and the Pirates of the Caribbean movies)  and Sarah Parish (who I loved in UK exports “Trust” and “The Vice”).  However, the funniest part of the movie from the perspective I have, an American trying to understand the English “stiff upper lip” attitude towards emotions, is this:

when the sister’s fiance has just found out about his fiancee’s dirty secret and he is sitting in the car with the romantic lead (Dermot), and all he can think of to say is, “I trust you’ve enjoyed your trip to England.” 

I saw this movie the first time before I moved here — that line would not have gotten a laugh from me then — but after nine months here that line had me literally doubled over.


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