Not the passport, not again!

Greetings from Munich, where I had to go for just a 24 hour, last minute work meeting thing. I swear, after this trip I’m going to have to “lose” my passport just so I can stay in the UK for more than a few days at a time! It was only 2 weeks ago today that I was flying back from Italy. I know, I can’t complain too much. This is part of what makes Europe fun. When I lived in Minneapolis and got on a plane for a ride that took the same time (90 minutes) as my flight today, I ended up in Grand Rapids, Michigan. So really, I’ll take Germany, and certainly I’ll take Munich. I love Munich, actually, I spent a happy few days here about this same time last year (again, as usual, for work… God forbid that I ever actually go somewhere just on a lark). The MVV train-subway-tram system is quite good, so it’s easy to get around town and even the trip to town from the airport is not terribly taxing. So here I am, yet again writing from a hotel room in a country even more foreign than the one I (sort of) live in.

The exciting news from my perspective, although again it impacts this whole passport thing, is that one month from now I will have arrived in Minnesota. Friends are starting to come out of the woodwork… it seems that several of us who once lived in Minneapolis will all be coming back for the State Fair. I simply cannot wait… cheese curds, here I come! The real question is, should I get grandstand tickets? The people I have seen in concert at the grandstand, well, let’s face it: the list dates me a bit. Wilson Phillips especially is so embarassing I can’t believe I’m admitting that… fortunately that is balanced by the fact that Keb ‘Mo is still cool, as is Susan Tedeschi. I’m sure there were others, my mind is blank at the moment. As for this year, I’m too old for Fergie and maybe not old enough for the Goo Goo Dolls. Sadly I’m flying back to the UK the day before the Prairie Home Companion show. So it leaves me with a very serious question/confession… do I go see Vince Gill… again?  I saw him only 18 months ago…  I love bluegrass especially if the banjo is involved…  I have a super cool historical banjo of my own (there’s a long story there, for another day) that I’m learning to play.  I might just have to go see him again, it was one of the most fun concerts I’ve ever seen.  But who in Minnesota could I possibly find who would go with me???


10 responses to “Not the passport, not again!

  1. Why are you too old for Fergie? My rule is that if I’m the same age, or younger than, the performer I have no problem going. I just bought Fergie’s CD and play it every morning, and recently saw Gwen Stephanie in concert. I love those women in their 30s who still have a good time and clearly have a great sense of humor.

  2. notfromaroundhere

    I absolutely adore Gwen Stefani and if it was her I would definitely go… but I’m afraid I wouldn’t necessarily put Fergie in the same class as her! I think I really would rather see Vince Gill 🙂

  3. The real question is: why have you categorically ruled out Weird Al Yankovic, also playing while you are home? Closed-minded.

    Oh, and is this a hint? Are you looking for volunteers?

  4. notfromaroundhere

    Heck yeah! You would go to see Vince Gill with me???

  5. Sure! I haven’t been to a show at the Grandstand in *ages* – maybe since our Wilson Phillips turn. (Weren’t they with Richard Marx, or were you not wanting to admit that? Didn’t we see Color Me Badd as well, or is that in my head?)

  6. notfromaroundhere

    Oh dear. Yes, Wilson Phillips opened for Richard Marx, that I had conveniently forgotten, and yes we did see Color Me Badd and that’s much more embarassing than Wilson Phillips except for the fact that we really LIKED Wilson Phillips, had their tape (gosh that dates us!) and loved their MTV videos! I don’t think we were that into Color Me Badd… were they with someone else? It seems like they were one hit wonders and must have been opening for someone… Is there some grandstand historical list we could probe?

    Actually now that I think about it, the MOST embarassing thing was how our Mother blushed at the CMB song “I wanna sex you up” — that was not favored fare in our religious household! Here they are on YouTube.. what a hilarious blast from the past!

  7. Heh, nothing, but nothing, is more embarrassing than the Milli Vanilli “Live in Concert” VHS tape. Did you ever remember to burn it?

    Color Me Badd – with “The Party”, 1992. Who/what is “The Party” and why did we want to see it?

    Grandstand history in the back of this:

  8. notfromaroundhere

    OH NO! That implies that we DID just go to see Color Me Badd! Aack!!!

    As for Milli Vanilli, thanks, I needed that. This conversation was not embarassing enough without adding that little bit of historical information.

    I’m sure the Milli Vanilli stuff is in a box somewhere with my Tiffany tape and my New Kids on the Block concert T-shirt. Yes, I knew if I didn’t fess up to that one you would certainly go there next.

  9. This, my dear, is why God invented sisters. And it’s not like you don’t have lots of fodder for payback…

    And to be fair, we both listened to New Kids on the Block, you’re just the only one to see them live. I’ve got a bunch of dodgy Debbie Gibson tapes somewhere, I know.

  10. Well, what’s wrong with sexing someone up, if it is the appropriate wife? But, on the State Fair subject, maybe Fergie will cancel and they will get Nelson to fill in.


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