Totally Ausgezeichnet!

I think this may be the best culture clash/fusion story I’ve experienced:

While in an American fast food chain (Burger King) in Germany, a music video came on from a Swedish pop star (Robyn) with the title a fusion of Japanese and Dave Chappelle: Konichiwa, Bitches

Warning, listen/watch at your own risk: the thing is strangely catchy and has not left my head in the not-quite-48 hours since I left Germany!

One response to “Totally Ausgezeichnet!

  1. I think I can top that. I once celebrated the US Thanksgiving holiday on the San Francisco peninsula at the house of a graduate student born in Berlin, Germany to Taiwanese parents — by eating Sauerbraten, a hunk of slow-cooked beef in a sweet-savoury sauce with raisins that is a specialty of the Rhineland. This involved having conversation in perfect German with someone whose facial features (to someone who had spent time on the Pacific Rim) would more commonly be associated with un-accented or Chinese-accented American English. The cognitive dissonance was overwhelming, and strangely exhilarating.

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