The heights triumvirate

I’ve recently been trying to tame my fear of heights. Having conquered a gondola in the Colorado mountains and a cable car in Singapore, yesterday was my chance to complete the heights-triple-play with a trip on the London Eye. This was, in the end, a reasonably well-planned and well-executed adventure for one really good reason: you can buy the tickets online in advance. In practical terms, from my perspective, that means that if you commit yourself to the (somewhat steep) price of the tickets and the timing of the adventure well in advance, you are unlikely to chicken out once actually faced with the reality of the circumstances. In the end, the trip to that part of London took longer than anticipated and I had no time to stop and think about what I was doing but had to collect the tickets and get in the capsule in a rather hurried manner. I therefore did not start to freak out about the experience until walking along the Thames path after the fact, looking at the tiny cables holding the entire thing together, or the way the entire wheel is cantilevered out over the water. Admittedly, this was a much gentler ride than either the gondola or cable car experiences and I’m quite chuffed at having completed such a trifecta of high places in a mere six weeks’ time. I now am allowed to rest for a few weeks before running the gauntlet and attacking my next set of fears, right?

London Eye


2 responses to “The heights triumvirate

  1. Yes, “Notfromaroundhere” took that picture herself. I can attest to the fact that there is further photographic evidence that she actually was in one of those capsules. You go, girl!

  2. Shirley & Gary

    Congratulations on conquering your fear. I admire people who are able to accomplish this. I’m claustrophobic & wish I had the courage to overcome it. I sound like the Cowardly Lion from the Wizard of Oz!

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