Another one bites the dust

In a sad epilogue to the Tour de France, my previously favorite Spanish climber, Iban Mayo, has been suspended from his team after failing a drugs test.  I fear that this may be the end of my fascination with cycling–this tour has been so tainted and the whole thing was just not much fun any more.  One of my friends compared his current feelings about the tour to his reaction to the US baseball strike of 1994–he never really got back into baseball after that.  I suspect he’s correct that neither of us, nor millions of others around the world, will really follow pro-cycling or the tour again.


One response to “Another one bites the dust

  1. Iban Mayo has been Iban yoyo-ing for a while now in terms of his performance, which was an unfortunate tipoff to his off-road activities. But six of the top ten riders in the Tour came from Spain, and there’s a host of great young riders to watch: Linus Gerdemann, Fabian Cancellara, Alberto Contador, Tom Boonen.

    Next season there will be all of Team Slipstream, which will be assured to be whistle-clean and heartbreaking only in their insane argyle hotness: Dave Millar, Dave Zabriskie, Christian Vandevelde, Daniel Martin, and an as-yet-unnamed past winner of the Hell of the North race, Paris-Roubaix. You will be unable to escape press coverage of Slipstream next year (esp. in the UK with Millar and Martin), so you might as well pick out a few favorites now…

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