Still a shock to wake up in a foreign country

To a first approximation, I can go through my daily life and forget that I’m in another country. When I was in the US, I lived alone as I do here, and I had friends from all over the world, as I do here. My job has always been very introspective, at times requiring days of work at my desk without much human interaction. So it’s really funny that every once in a while I wake up and think,

“Holy sh*t I’m in a different country!”

It’s the stupidest little things that remind me of it too. This morning it was the shape and size of the milk containers in my fridge. They are tiny little sweet one pint plastic containers that look like an American plastic gallon jug just shrunken down and slightly reshaped.

Now admittedly I was undercaffeinated at the time that this little revelation occurred–that is true by definition since I was getting the milk out to pour into my coffee. (See my favorite web image of the week about how I feel about my morning coffee.

I don’t know what it is about that little kitty that I find so endearing but I absolutely love it. Desperately need to move out of this apartment and go to some domestic circumstance in which I can have a pet again, I’m dying without fuzzy companionship.)

That’s it, I really have no other point. I sometimes wake up and remember I’m in England and other times I’m a bit slow about it and forget. This morning was one of those strange “where am I?” moments. And I’m sure two weeks from now when I’m home in the US for my little visit I’ll feel equally strange and disoriented when I make morning coffee and open the fridge to get out the Land O’Lakes Fat Free Half and Half in a cardboard container with a little plastic pouring spout.

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