Oh no, not the grandstand!

Bad news over on kare11.com…  High winds and storms on the Minnesota State Fairgrounds took the roof off part of the grandstand, took down trees and damaged food booths at about the worst possible time in the pre-fair preparations (that’s 11 days to the fair AND COUNTING–day 1 of the fair is also day 1 of my trip to MN!)

Have faith though, the spokes-people say the show will go on.  Good thing, too.  I’ve got my grandstand tickets (Vince Gill it is.  And with his wife Amy Grant too, an added bonus!)  and I’m so ready for cheese curds and milkshakes.


3 responses to “Oh no, not the grandstand!

  1. Have faith: it’s Minnesota, and it’s the fair. It will be all hands on deck for the next few days, but they’ll get it together, and then they’ll regale us with stores about that time in ’37 when a storm cut straight through the horticulture building with people inside. (I’m making that up. But there *have* to be some wild stories from the 1930s, that decade of extreme weather, that the older folks like to remember over their coffee and meatloaf in the Lutheran ministry food tent. We’ll go find them.)

    I’m really torn, though: pineapple or chocolate? It’s the same milkshake dilemma every year… Maybe I need to do a pro/con list.

  2. notfromaroundhere

    The only right answer for the milkshake dilemma is “one of each” !!!

  3. I heard about this news here and I was shocked by how much damage was done. That is going to be one hard clean up for the fair crew this year. There are a few pictures I saw.

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