Cold and damp–it’s August in England

It’s cold here in the UK, and feels strangely unlike August. And even stranger, I was hear in August last year and had the same problem. I remember going into M&S for the first time ever because I needed some cheap and warm clothes.

The highs are in the low 60s and it’s been drizzling all day; I actually closed the windows and used the electric heater last night. I’ve had both a long-sleeved t-shirt and a sweatshirt on all day. It’s so wrong! Of course, the weather has matched my mood lately, which has also been grey and wet. What I need is a week on a beach close to here, and with no email or responsibilities. What I have coming up is a dreaded long-haul flight to get “home,” a place with many good qualities (Target!) but also plenty of potential for drama and heartache, especially given the inevitable conflict between the work I’m behind in and the people I want to see. This job is killing me, the pressure never stops and the tasks just keep lining up one behind the other. I don’t know where the summer has gone or what to do to try to get things back on track. It now occurs to me that with a  large project deadline on 31st Dec., I truly will be skipping Christmas entirely.

Back to the topic of weather, something the English are much more comfortable with than silly things like emotions and struggles (see Kate Fox’s book for an analysis of the English fascination with the weather). The irony is that April was gorgeous, sunny, and warm, especially Easter week, and now I really am feeling like I’d like that April weather back. Sort of a twist on the classic expat poem, Robert Browning’s Home thoughts from abroad, with the much-quote and oft-parodied line, “Oh to be in England now that April’s there.” I just checked the weather forecast for Minneapolis and they appear to be also having 60s and drizzle today, which is just wrong for the state fair (which starts Thursday!). Fortunately by the 28th the magical says Minneapolis will be in the 80s and with a chance of thunderstorms, which sounds much more appropriate for the fair. Now if only the tornado sirens go off while I’m home, it will be a great summer weather trip.

2 responses to “Cold and damp–it’s August in England

  1. Be honest there in England – Its always nice to be alive anywhere, anyway
    You have Good writing talents to share with us.

    BY: Delores M. Sparks

  2. It was indeed cool all weekend in Minnesota, but Monday morning, despite the dampness, you could run very comfortably in shorts and T-shirt. We are just making up right now for a bit of the rain we missed in July.

    Don’t worry, the coming weekend (24th-26th) looks great. 80 and sunny.

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