Off to category home–subcategory original

I’m taking a break from packing for my UK to US flight.  It’s 5 am on departure day.  I have to trek across town to the airport for my long day flying “home” to the original home, not the current home.  And off to the Minnesota State Fair!

The last post about breakfast was incomplete, and I did not realize it at first.   The obvious thing that was missing was coffee!  And my other favorite and much  missed coffee additive,  Land O’Lakes Fat Free Half and Half.   There is absolutely no English equivalent that I can find, so here I just put whole milk in my coffee but it’s not as good.

I also hit a very strange moment in packing when I realized that I couldn’t find one of my electrical adaptors… the one to convert my native UK plugs to US ones.  I have a few UK items that will need this, most importantly a digital camera.  I sadly still have two cell phones, one for use in each country, and quite cunningly they are the same brand so I can just bring the US adaptor with.  So I have this odd mishmash of items here with US plugs that I’m removing UK adaptors for the trip, and vice versa.  What a strange feeling.

I also had to grab my little ziploc baggie of American money, the cashcard for my US bank account, etc.  To a first approximation I am actually well and truly running a duplicate life in my homes, subcategories “original” and “current”.  More from the other side of the pond.


2 responses to “Off to category home–subcategory original

  1. You have yet to mention sugar in the UK. Is that because you don’t use it, there’s not enough room in the cupboard, or simply because you can’t find it cubed?

    See you at the fair!

  2. notfromaroundhere

    Hmmm, I don’t drink coffee with sugar unless I’m out of milk and even the sometimes I just do black coffee instead… The only sugar I have in my flat is brown sugar for cooking and I go through it sooooo slowly. I’m also unlikely (with a few key exceptions) to eat sweets and more likely to eat savory things like chips and cheese as junk food. Key exceptions include my obsession with dark chocolate and my love of clementines and strawberries… but in both cases they’re so sweet you don’t need sugar!

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