Where does the time go?

The amazing thing about being “home” is how fast the time goes and how little time is already left on this trip.  I had 6 full days in town plus travel/partial days on the two Thursdays, and it’s already day 3/6.  I have been catching the highlights: massive trip to Target, looking for all the stuff that’s easy to find here and hard to find in the UK (Cortizone cream? Jonny Lang CD?)  A bit of window shopping and wishing at boutiques on 50th and France, including my favorite modern-vintage fusion shop ever, Anthropologie.   I actually have not gotten “out” that much; I’ve not yet even managed to take photographs of the bridge.  I certainly have not been blogging much.  The time is just flying by and I’ve been with people for almost all of it, not just alone bumming around town.  I guess that is the biggest thing about being “home”: this is where my friends are and it’s so good to catch up with them that it makes other amusements seem less amusing.

I’ve mostly been hanging around people and in homes, not in the local scene.  To a first approximation, I could be anywhere and it’s not very Minnesota-specific except for the people that are here.  I spent the better part of the last few days hanging out at the houses of my friends, amusing myself with the animals and children of my friends.  This admittedly makes my one bedroom English flat seem remarkably empty in two ways: (1) it provides no opportunities for home upgrades of the painting-and-building-and-furnishing sort, and (2) it also seems remarkably devoid of small furry or hairy mammals.

More to come I’m sure, the big state fair trip is Wednesday and in the meantime, here’s an amusing piece on the distinctive odor of the fair.


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