Non-Bridge Photo


This is my third attempt to post a photo of the non-existing 35W bridge in Minneapolis. Fortunately it appears to have worked, so I can get back to my actual comments on the subject! I seem to be suffering from the usual “WordPress somehow updated their software and I had to update my browser to comply” conundrum.

So, the bridge. Let’s get to it. I’ve been hearing that this (around the stone arch bridge area) was the best place to see what was going on, and I have to beg to differ. The strangest thing about this photograph is how hard you have to look at it to see that anything is wrong. If you don’t know what the “before” scene looked like, you might just think the one remaining section of bridge carnage (concrete deck on a steep angle, with green-painted steel trusses beneath) was intentional. I will have to continue to search my archives for a good before photo; thus far the ones I have found were on black and white film. Lovely photos, but a bit hard to see the difference. The truth is, from this vantage point it’s kinda strange that there were two bridges there, such different designs, right next to each other.  It wasn’t very aesthetically pleasing and thus not my favorite vantage for photographing the Mighty Miss.

The sad truth is that the real vantage point for viewing would be the 10th street bridge, the one still standing there, which is not open and not likely to be open soon. On the good side, that bridge only ever had a pedestrian walkway on the opposite side from this mess, and apparently they have halted the opening to put in a safe pedestrian walkway on the side closest to the old 35W bridge. On the bad side, I have a bit of a problem with the fact that this has already been closed for so long… the original disaster was 1 August and I encourage you to consider the difficulties of getting around Minneapolis with TWO bridges spanning the Mississippi completely out of commission.

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