Minneapolis trip summary

I managed to do the following things on my trip to Minneapolis:

  1. Shop at Target
  2. Buy, and eat, Cheez-its
  3. Visit an old favorite, the Jax Cafe in NE
  4. See people, including my immediate family, my beloved Grandmother, 4 good friends from high school, includng their respective kids, spouses and pets, and a few other random folks
  5. Drive a car (I had forgotten about how strange this would feel after England!)
  6. Sort of, but not really, see the carnage of the 35W bridge collapse
  7. Totally experience the fallout of the 35W bridge collapse when I could not easily get around town in the rental car
  8. Have a massive day at the State Fair including food (pineapple milkshake, cheese curds, french fries) and the grandstand show
  9. Spent one full day on a work-related visit at a local company

The trip was yet much too busy and it was in some ways very unsatisfying. I did not manage the following things:

  1. I did not spend enough time with my grandmother
  2. I did not have any free time to wander around my old neighborhood
  3. I did not go for long walks around the lakes even though the weather was mostly good
  4. I did not go to the Dakota
  5. I did not have two milkshakes at the state fair
  6. I did not have any down time to sit and reflect on life, really.

Every once in a while I would be somewhere, doing something, and I would get absolutely creamed with memories and feelings, mostly sad, mostly of the nostalgia sort.  That’s the funny thing about “home” in the end, there is just a whole lot of built in history that would be hard to avoid.  I suspect that I purposefully kept myself (perhaps a little too much so) busy so as to avoid being crushed by it all.  The homesickness might have been too much for me, and all of the questions about my life in the UK–which were answered in the as-required “yes I love it there, yes I’m happy there” sort of way–might have gotten to be a bit too hard to handle as well.  While true on balance, there’s nothing like memories and home to make you a bit wistful for the life left behind.


One response to “Minneapolis trip summary

  1. A friend once said to me, “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could all stay in that stage of life where we are all promise and possibility and have made no commitments.” I suspect that’s the nostalgic feelings you’re overwhelmed with now, sweet Mich. When you lived here the world was your oyster, you could choose whichever direction you wished to live your life, and it would be certain to be magical. To your credit, you actually did commit to a path in life. You pour your heart and soul into it. You work hard to truly experience life and mold it into what you want for yourself. Life doesn’t happen to you, or pass you by. It almost certainly has not been as easy as we all presumed it would be to live the fantastic lives we dreamed of while we were still sleeping in our parents homes. And not everything has gone as planned. But, admit it, some things have gone better than you ever imagined. And your journey has been a fascinating one to witness. You have inspired the many people who love you more than you know. Take a bow.

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