MN state fair part 2: Crop art and everything else

I actually ate very little at the fair, and quite shockingly woke up “the morning after” feeling downright starved. In the course of the day, I ate only cheese curds, french fries, and only one milkshake. It seemed sufficient at the time, although looking back it’s clear that that does not make for a full set of lunch-and-dinner calories! We had picked the most beautiful, cloudless, sunny, not-too-hot day for our fair trip. Had lots of fun looking at the classic things we love–Creative Activities, Fine Art–and new favorites–the dedicated baby animals barn.


The sad news was that the Crop Art lady (Lillian Colton) had died in the spring, at the ripe age of 95. She and her pop art portraits were State Fair institutions and the best part of the Horticulture building.


But the cool thing was that there was a tribute to her, and a new book “Seed Queen” being published by the Minnesota Historical Society. I read the book on the plane home, and overall it is worth looking at, especially for the glossy photos of the art itself, although I found the writer to be ponderously self-absorbed with her own “I’m an art history professor” credentials and not at all staying on the topic at hand.

Update: a link to a youtube video of Lillian Colton talking about crop art!


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