The jet lag haze and music videos

I am really suffering right now after a major lapse in discipline. Every previous trip I had ever taken on the red-eye overnight flight from the US to Europe, I had arrived at my destination in the morning and managed to stay awake until that evening. This trip, I got back to the airport at 9 am but was unsuccessful in my sleep-on-the-flight routine (clearly because I did not pick a fight with someone important to me or stay up all night the night before the flight!). As such, I literally nodded off on the train back home, that full-on sleep where your head starts to fall and it wakes you up. So when I got back home I went to bed immediately (I know, very bad girl!) and slept from noon until 7 pm. I then slept that night from 1 am to 7 am, which I thought was not bad for having just woken up. I then stayed up until 2 am the next night, and had a massive sleep in this morning until well past noon. I am now paying for my bad behavior. Even though I have to be up early in the morning for work, I’m wide awake at 2:30 am! Sigh.

Somehow, lying in bed tonight listening to Jeff Buckley wishing he could sing me to sleep, I had a strange flashback to the displays I saw in Macy’s department store in Minneapolis. There were these male mannequins wearing nothing but underwear, cowboy boots and holsters with guns. I saw them at two different Macy’s stores, both downtown and Southdale. These strange apparitions were accompanied by a whole display of kitchy western stuff, which fits in well with my current post-Vince Gill concert mood. In the displays was a t-shirt I thought about buying, but didn’t buy, and now am wondering if I did the right thing. It had the slogan “Save a horse, ride a cowboy” which is the title of a favorite novelty country song of mine, by the extraordinarily silly duo Big & Rich. (Seriously, click the link and watch the video, it’s worth it for the marching band playing fiddle and banjo but just don’t lecture me on how it objectifies women! I like it anyways.) I remember thinking at the time, “that t-shirt is so funny but really, could I pull it off?” I think that was probably the right thought but it did not go far enough: would my American girl self with graduate degrees and a hard-core job in the UK be able to find anywhere at all to wear that thing? I already have to work really hard to keep my Ralph Lauren pink t-shirt with the rhinestone skull and crossbones in the rotation. I suspect my days of having more than a few novelty t-shirts at any one time are numbered; here in England I wear boring black suits almost all the time 😦 Sad truth about growing up and needing to be dignified and professional most of the time…

See what all the fuss was about: YouTube video of Vince Gill playing with the Del McCoury Band.  Now doesn’t the fiddle player look like Al Gore?  It was the source of great amusement to us in person.  And yes, that’s Amy Grant in the audience making a face at Vince’s cheesy joke 🙂

Okay since I led with Jeff Buckley and talked about country music, here’s one I wasn’t expecting but love, Bon Jovi covering Hallelujah. I know Bon Jovi are supposed to be rock-ish but they seem to run in country circles lately, especially after the brilliant (and for me, oft-quoted!) duet with Jennifer Nettles from Sugarland on “Who says you can’t go home.” Now, what on earth did insomniacs do before there was YouTube???


2 responses to “The jet lag haze and music videos

  1. Okay seriously. Is there anyone left who hasn’t covered Hallelujah? (Though, perversely, I’d still like to hear Leehom’s version. Hmmm.)

    Bon Jovi is in my absolute top five best concerts I’ve ever seen. So much fun and so good live.

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