Vince, Leehom and Cockney Girl

Very strange goings on in my head regarding the music world so bear with me. My sister and I are perhaps just a bit obsessive about our love of Leehom Wang, an American-born pop-star in the Taiwanese/Chinese language pop music scene. For some reason, when we were at the Vince Gill concert, we decided that those two had lots in common. Here were our reasons:

  • Both are prolific writers
  • Both can pick up and play any instrument well
  • Both make really amusing on-stage witty repartee (although I have to take my sister’s word on this for Leehom since my Chinese comprehension is non-existent…)
  • Both play around quite a lot with musical genres and styles and are good at many different sounds

We think we had more comparisons at the time during the Vince Gill concert, but perhaps should have taken notes as it is escaping us now.

Regardless, my American-born self living in the UK is a huge fan of Leehom’s new song, “Cockney Girl” for which the English translation of the lyrics have been posted over on It’s quite cute and terribly amusing, about a British Born Chinese girl with a London twang in her Chinese. The song is, as my sister has noted, good to jog to due to its driving beat; you can hear it here. There is no really good way to end this quite random posting except to just stop, so that’s it.

Update: slightly random but fitting with the nature of this post, the new Ang Lee film, “Lust, Caution” in which Leehom has a part, has just won the golden lion at the Venice film festival.


2 responses to “Vince, Leehom and Cockney Girl

  1. It’s not just the beat; it’s that random voice in the background yelling “C’mon!” Very motivational, so good for running up long and/or steep hills.

    Oh, and if you catch Leehom live in the U.S., he does all his witty banter in English. 😀 Next time, sweetie.

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