This about the English I loved

I had the opportunity to go out last night with some work colleagues, and in the end it was a classic English evening at a pub along with Indian food, although as usual few of my compatriots in this adventure were actually English.  But nothing gets more classically English than that pub-and-curry combination, really.  The evening was great fun in general, but the terribly amusing part was when it came time for the pub to close.  Our (admittedly slightly rowdy and quite loudly laughing) group was sitting at an outside table and each of us still had about a half pint of beer each.  The owner/proprietor had made the second request, “Ladies and Gentlemen, this establishment is going to close, please consume the last of your beverages and exit the premises.”  In America, we would have been shooed out and the remaining beer would have remained on the table.  Here in England, that was not the case.  The proprietor–I kid you not–came to the table with a stack of plastic cups and assisted people in pouring their beverages into the plastics so we could walk out with the rest of the beer.  We then proceeded to stand more or less directly outside the gates of the pub garden, still laughing and talking, while finishing our drinks.  Now that, my friends, is a bit of strange pub hospitality.  Yes we want you to finish enjoying your beer, no we don’t want you to do it here.  It’s hard for an American to get accustomed to the fact that it is not unlawful for people to consume adult beverages out on the street… in my past that was a New Orleans-only phenomenon.  Here it’s commonplace.  And part of a fun story of a fun night last night.  Three cheers for the folks that got me away from the computer, out of the house, and just a tiny bit out on the town when I needed it badly.


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