Small town news

I am constantly trying to explain to people in the UK that Minneapolis is a large and very cultured city.  No, it’s not NY, but it’s also not Fargo.  However, every once in a while, when checking the headlines on the local news stations, I realize that it’s really a bit more Lake Wobegon-small town than I’d like to admit.  Today’s headline on “Firefighters rescue donkey trapped in well.”  Further down the page are the other stories which did not make the top stories links, including, “Minneapolis sees four shootings, one killing in 24 hours” — I love the contrast.  We’re a big enough city to be blase about gun violence but not quite removed from the farm such that the donkey headline is top story.  What a strange place to try to explain to those unfamiliar with the territory!


4 responses to “Small town news

  1. My favorite thing about Minnesota newscasting is still the search for the “Minnesota connection” – something that ties every story, no matter how distant, to home base. One of my favorites was after the Beatles anthology came out, when they found a guy from Minnesota who once sold a guitar to Bad Finger, whose first hit song was written by Paul McCartney. Or something like that…

    I didn’t realize farmers still had donkeys. I’m not sure where I thought all the donkeys had gone, but one does not associate them with modern life.

  2. notfromaroundhere

    That’s the thing! If I was going to say “where in the US would you expect to find a donkey” it would not be Minnesota! I think of them maybe as helping people who do those hikes into the Grand Canyon or something, down in the south in states that border Mexico. But not in the midwest!!!

  3. notfromaroundhere'smom

    Ah, but if your Grandpa Bill was around, he would tell you some pretty good stories about his experiences with donkeys on the farm in Minnesota! I don’t remember the details – I’ll have to talk to your uncle to find out if he remembers. But when I saw the story, I wasn’t surprised at all! Must be due to my own Minnesota connection!

  4. Donkeys? Sen Amy Klobuchar, who is leading the Global War on Toys proudly wears her donkey label. We could send her to the UK…. please?

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