I am small-talked out

Anyone who knows me well knows that I hate cocktail parties more than anything.  Dinner parties I like (in moderation, of course), but stand-and-mingle events are torture.  I officially hit my tolerance level on the things sometime around 6 pm today.  I was supposed to go to one for a retiring colleague and I actually got as far as the door to where the event was supposed to be, and walked on.  Oh well.  This job has been eating into my down time a bit too much the last few weeks, and I well and truly needed a quiet night in.

So I stopped at Marks and Spencer foodhall for some low-effort things to eat and had the most strange grocery store experience ever.  The clerk rang up my stuff, and then said, “if you spend another one pound fifteen you can have a free gift!”  I was sort of stunned, and did my typical mumbling, “no thanks”…but she was not going to let me get away with it.  She talked me into it.  All of the sudden I had four candy bars at 30p each in my hands and then a free bottle of sparkling wine.  I cannot recall anything like this ever ever happening in the US.  They simply do not give away alcohol in the grocery stores where I’m from!

One response to “I am small-talked out

  1. Dinner parties are what we live for I think, for meetings in person are better than phone or email. Congrats on the shopping experience; back here its a rat race, can’t we get out of here faster, and the prices go up as with oil, for us small timers.

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