“Lust, caution” and my favorite ABC

I just read my first review of Ang Lee’s sexy thriller “Lust, caution” which sounds amazing, I have no idea when it’s coming to the UK but I will go see it as soon as I can.  And not just because it includes my absolute favorite ABC in the cast.  In the meantime, this tantalizing tidbit, almost in passing, although I agree with the word choice:

“A patriotic campus drama group, led by the passionate Kuang Yu Min (the charismatic, American-born Asian pop star Wang Leehom), recruits her to perform in their first stage production.”

Yep, Leehom, my favorite expat entertainer, is charismatic–that’s a really good word for him.  The movie sounds really interesting, though, and the reviewer is also quite keen on Tang Wei.

One response to ““Lust, caution” and my favorite ABC

  1. Given the fact that this movie is a) in Chinese and b) rated NC-17, I’m quite worried about whether it will show in DC at all… but if it does, I’m going!

    Tang Wei is getting rave reviews in the Chinese press too, though the Chinese version cut out all the sex scenes. Of course, that won’t stop all of China from buying the uncut bootlegged version on the side of the road like they do with every movie censored by the Chinese government…

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