Hallelujah redux, on to dark cabaret

We return to my favorite song, Hallelujah, with a fragment of a cover on Youtube from the Dresden Dolls: link here. If it was the whole song, it would probably take over one of the spots on my top five list. For another great DD song, see Coin Operated Boy. I knew this song already somehow, but I don’t actually know how. I was reminded when I was randomly and truly web-surfing last night and I got linked to a DD video which was almost a performance art piece, covering / lip-synching Rihanna’s “Umbrella”, the mega-hit of the summer, and I was intrigued. DD lead singer Amanda Palmer also does an amazing albeit language-strong performance of Radiohead’s Creep standing on top of a bar and performing with a ukulele. What can I say, she’s just truly talented.   I sing low alto and play the piano, but do neither near as well as she can, and the cabaret dark musical theatre performance element of it all is fascinating too. See her Myspace page for more interesting stuff and plans for an upcoming solo CD. If you like dark cabaret (who knew that was its own genre!) the Tiger Lillies are interesting, and they did a very unexpected (Grammy nominated!) collaboration with the Kronos string quartet on a project related to Edward Gorey‘s work. I stumbled on them a few years ago on a now-defunct cable TV channel in the US. What can I say, too much musical theatre as a child seems to turn us to dark cabaret as adults!


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