Just call it Octember

So I saw my first Christmas stuff in Marks and Spencer here in the UK today, just proving that it’s not just Target back home in the states in being too far ahead of the holiday schedule. It’s like these days we have one long holiday from pre-Halloween to Chrismakwanzakah… and here in England we have no intermediate November event like Thanksgiving to hold up full-on Christmas. Well, we have Guy Fawkes and bonfire night but I’ve not seen dedicated candies or themed fairy lights for that one.

The best part about this was that the Christmas candy that was on display (jelly babies, which sounds really gross to my American ears to begin with) had a “sell by” date of 11 Dec. and a “best before” date of 18 Dec. Umm hello, don’t you think if the candy isn’t even going to make it to Christmas then perhaps it’s telling you something??? TOO EARLY! Of course the best part was the display on the other side of the aisle with “Halloween gums” (again, not terribly appealing) with the same expiration dates on them.

Update: Lileks calls the new superseason “Hallothanksmas” and provides this evidence for the coalescence of at least the first and last of these.   It’s the holiday equivalent of the BosWash corridor and it’s here to stay!

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