10 good things about England

I’ve had some rough times in the last few months and have ranted a lot about expat life. I’ve been  in England more than a year already, which almost boggles the mind. I’ve had my ups and downs here, and I admit that lately it’s been a lot of downs. However, Shefaly reminds me that there must be good reasons to exist here as an American in the UK, and that it’s not just all bad, or all frustrating. I agree, and I acknowledge that my recent frustrations have tipped the balance a bit. So here I present to you, my own little top 10 list, of the things I love about England.

  • I love that I don’t need to own a car.
  • I love cheap flights anywhere in Europe.
  • I love pound coins, and even better, two pound coins.
  • I love being able to buy coffee with the spare change in my pocket thanks to pound coins.
  • I love the M&S food hall and the food contained therein.
  • I love the fact that I get to be a girl and dress up in velvet and heels on occasion.
  • I love eating with a fork in my left hand although I am still bad at this.
  • I love the shape of A4 paper.
  • I love the fact that people here take weekends and holidays as sacrosanct.
  • I love the phrase, now everywhere, “the festive season” instead of the “holidays”

Note that these — some large, some small — are still all active pro-England things; I have purposefully left off the list things like, “I love being a safe distance from the American presidential campaign so I don’t get sick of it.” So yes, at the end of the day, there are brilliant things about my life in the UK that are worth remembering. It’s a hard life wherever you go.

Although this homesick girl will be home in the US in 23 days and counting, for an extended trip of more than two weeks for both work and pleasure. Countdown is going, starting now. I simply MUST go to Target…

7 responses to “10 good things about England

  1. NFAH: That is a great post!

    Especially the third point, which I note as a hoarder of £2 coins. 😉 They are not, in appearance, unlike the 10FF that used to exist before the Euro came into being. They are also ‘dense’ money with which something substantial can be bought.

    And yes, the M&S food hall is great too.

  2. But I only know one place in ****(edited) where you can buy sugar-free Dr. Pepper, even though it is owned by Schweppes. Someone in the home office is messing up the distribution.

  3. Just browsed upon your blog and am enjoying the read! Another American expat here – although living in an entirely different country, Scotland ; ) On my recent trip back to the States, one of the first places to visit was the local Super Target. Oh sweet consumerism!

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  5. I love this post, what a great way to ‘remember’ what you like and why you’re here. I really struggled during the summer, homesick, lonely, I should have done the same thing back then!

  6. Opposite situation as a UK expat in the US, but I agree with all your good things about England. Love M&S. Love Target too 😀

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