American Happiness and the need to consume

That is the title of a photo essay over on the Mother Jones website right now; the thing about it that made ME the most happy was the gorgeous photograph of Target linked here.  I’m quite sure the folks at MoJo did not mean for that photo to send me into glee and longing instead of feeling superior and sad about consumerism.  Oh well.  I just wanna go to Target.  Going to Target would make me happy.  Yes I’m likely to buy things there but it’s really far simpler, I just wanna go there and see all the pretty things lined up in nice rows…


2 responses to “American Happiness and the need to consume

  1. Life in the “Mother Jones world” would consist of housing in gray concrete block apartments, and oatmeal for dinner. All while being preached at about our terible consumerism by trust-fund baby phonies who Summer in Martha’s Vineyard and don’t want the view from the yacht sullied by alt energy windmills.

    I’ll take Target any day. Or Wal-Mart. And my right to choose for myself.

  2. I was about to offer to go shopping for you at Target if you’ll pick some things up for me at M&S – but then I realized it’s really the experience of being in the store that you want as much as anything you could buy there.

    Oh, and I’m very glad I still have a UK bank account & debit card, though sadly I cancelled my BarclayCard many years ago when they started to charge an annual fee for it.

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