November holidays

Today is bonfire night in the UK–fireworks in November.  It’s just wrong.  But fortunately to balance that out, one of my other American expat friends called me today and invited me over for Thanksgiving dinner in a few weeks.  Last year I met American friends in Paris so that’s two years in a row of managing to surround myself with good friends on an otherwise homesick holiday.  It was such a surprise today to get the Thanksgiving invite, and so completely wonderful; I was delighted to accept the invitation,  and the fact that it was made in the first place absolutely brightened my day.    Hopefully so too will the fireworks, due to begin in 30 minutes….

2 responses to “November holidays

  1. Well, you do have an always open Thanksgiving invitation to MY house….

  2. I am always homesick on thanksgiving! I get sentimental for the smells, turtlenecks, and close friends and family of course. I live a pretty nomadic lifestyle which means I never get home for the long weekend to be with my family, but this year I found a way to “virtually” be with them. There is a new video messaging service called ooVoo that allows up to 6 people to video chat at one time. My parents and brother and sisters and I were in 5 different locations, but we all got together on the web. It was pretty hilarious. Luckily ooVoo is idiot proof (mom and dad are not big on computer technology) and totally free. I recommend anyone to use it to get in touch during the homesick moments, or any other time international calling is too expensive.

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