The secret of success?

Story on yahoo! news over the weekend:

What I would like to see is what the size of the pay-off is relative to the investment: I can’t even begin to estimate the costs of years worth of piano lessons, violin lessons and now voice lessons at an ever-increasing cost per week as time has gone on, literally thousands of dollars spent on music books, not to mention in the case of the violin, two instruments, one traditional, one electric.  Oh yes and my digital Kawai piano.   How much higher than average do my earnings actually have to be to balance those costs?  And is the reason for the apparent success the “discipline” learned, as the authors state, or is it more that a certain type of person is more likely to encourage their snot-nosed kid to sit at the piano every week and not give up?  Unclear to me.  Regardless, what is certainly true is that music is my great hobby, the one thing I do for fun most weeks, and here in England it’s been mostly an extremely positive part of my life if occasionally the source of great stress.


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