Pounds vs Dollars

Can I just say how lucky I am at the moment?  The pound hit a 26-year record against the US dollar.  Suddenly the fact that I am earning pounds but paying off American debts in dollars is important.  The rate has changed by 20 American cents in the 14 months I have been here… my early cost of living calculations were all for $1.87 to the pound and it’s about $2.07 now.  Between my wage increases after a year on the job and the exchange rate, my salary when converted to dollars is now significantly more than  it was a year ago–a really dramatic change.

In other banking news, I managed to secure a UK credit card.  It wasn’t easy and I’m not going to go public with the details because I don’t really want to reveal any details about the kind people that helped me.

Unfortunately that otherwise good news is slightly ill-timed as I head back to the US in less than 14 hours.  I will be blogging from the other side of the pond for the next few weeks, as I try to establish if the streets of Minnesota really are paved in gold.  It might be hard to tell, depending on the weather.  I’ll keep you posted of course.


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